Crystal Side

Side is a resort town in Manavgat district of Antalya province. The name of the town derives from Anatolian “pomegranate”, which is a symbol of prosperity and wealth. Some archeological finds show that the history of this town dates back to Hittites Empire period. Being one of the oldest settlement in Anatolia, Side was supposedly founded before the 7th century BC. As many other towns and settlements of Pamphylia, Side lived through the same epochs of Anatolian history.

Side is a shining sun of the Mediterranean. The magic beauty of Side’s sunset and sunrises reflected in crystal bright sea waves and agleam

Turkish Hospitality

Hospitality is one of the most distinctive features of Turks and also a national and religious duty. 
Turks will accept a stranger that comes to their doorsteps as a “guest from God”. The identity, rank, position, social status of the guest does not matter nor it matters if he was invited or not. Regardless of their religion, beliefs, race or age all guests are welcomed with an equal respect and dignity. The most beautiful spot in the house is reserved as a “Guest Room” and kept ready as if a guest may come any time. The guest is hosted as a

Admiral’s Travel Book

We have created a wonderful world made both of journey, serenity and fun.

Crystal Admiral Resort Suites & Spa Hotel is located in Kizilot district, Side – Antalya. Unique and comfortable architecture, crystal-clear water of Mediterranean Sea, beautiful Kizilot beach and outstanding landscapes make our hotel a vacation paradise.
Holidays spent at Crystal Admiral Resort Suites & Spawill become a great and all-time gift for you and your family. Pleasant memories of heartwarming days and moments you’ve experienced on your vacation will keep you happy during all your life.

During your stay, you will capture the atmosphere of mariners’ life reminding about the