Masterpiece of ashes,rain and wind;“Cappadocia”

Smoother layers that has been composed of  erupted lava and ashes of  Mount Erciyes, Hasan Mountain and Güllü Mountain 60 million years ago ,has been dancing with rain and wind for millions of years. Cappadocia ,the masterpiece of geology ,is the work of ashes ,rain and wind.
Cappadocia where habitation dated back to first Paleolithic Age and Hittites lived ,then became one of the most important centers of Christianity. Housesand churches carved into rocks and were the shelters for the Christians who ran away from the Roman Empire pressure.
Cappadocia has nature and history together,it also has  the traces of many civilizations.Houses

The Sport ,strong characteristic is respect;Golf

In this game there are two basic principles.Respect course and the player A ball is a little bit bigger than pingpong ball and harder than rubber.It is a special stick that is long and bottomside is flat.Golf is a game that is played on a green grass area ,by less stroke makes ball move through the holes, the winner is who can put he ball into the hole by less stroke.
In history it is seen that in  15th  century golf was started to play in Scotland.Golf is a popular sport in Australia, New Zeland and America. As how much rival

The Most Attractive Sport In the World

A silent,quiet and upright saloon …3 close friends ,a card deck ,a clean table paper and a pen for writing the scores.
Effective communication skill and toleration ability…
It is a sport that is composed of  logic,reasoning,analytic thinking,math,strategic planning and emphaty.
In this game, player’s manners on table,behaviours towards the partner and the rivals are the mirror of  the player’s character.It must be understood that behaviours (egoism,kindness,being solemn,aggressiveness) affects the score. Success depends on calmness,constant concentration,full authority on play&rules ,respect and being positive. On every level of play and talkings thinkining carefully with a clear mind is an indispensable element.
On the other hand 

Thailand; Crystal Chefs Route

Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz
As Crystal Hotels cuisine chefs, set a course to Thailand to meet new places and cultures this year.
 During our long flight from Antalya to İstanbul and then to Singapore we flew over the countries that we did not know.Singapore Airlines served us in a perfect way during that long time.We can’t help appreciating , when I compare our hospitality and tourism understanding to theirs,I think we have a lot of deficiencies.After landing on Singapore Airport we boarded the plane by unmanned train and then we landed on.
Taking  a final journey for 2 hours with our tour guide that

You should jazz up the luxury architectures!

We were invited to Crystal De Luxe Resort& Spa in Kemer ,heart of Antalya tourism  for 5 o’clock tea.We had a special guest in our hotel. We opened a conversation with Ursula Schapoks in the lobby where I could see that everyone talked intimately,friendly with pleasure.
Years ago,Ms. Ursula had come to Antalya with her daughter for making a holiday for the first time to Turkey.She had visited many touristic places in Antalya and she stayed at a lot of diffrent hotels.First of all she had preferred Side part and she stayed at a hotel in Side but Ms. Ursula had

Dream a holiday

This year holiday date is set down.It is time to choose the route. Before starting the searching,sit back and dream a holiday.This dreamed holiday should not be  stick to 3S rule. (Sea-Sun- Sand).This holiday should  include   3- E ( Exciting, Educational-Entertainment and also nature,peace and taste are the indispensable specialities of it.So this holiday should be satisfying moreover perfect till the new one. It should pacify, make you happy and relaxed.It should be delighting.Even it lasts 3 days,you should tell this for 3 months. 
The destination chosen for holiday is not only a hotel but also a discovery.Think about it :