Netflix Strikes Major Deal with Eccho Rights to Turkish TV Content

ROME — As it rolls out in Turkey, Netflix has struck a substantial deal with Eccho Rights for global distribution of more than 450 hours of mostly Turkish TV drama content, including many of the country’s top-rated shows, such as “The End,” “Kurt Seyit & Sura,” and “Winter Sun.” The volume deal was announced Friday, a… Read more »

5 Things Young Producers Abroad Have in Common

LOCARNO — Over Aug. 6-8, 16 production companies from Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Israel and Turkey will meet at the Locarno Fest, in the Swiss Alps, to enjoy its glorious weather – if Saturday was anything to go by – multiple industry workshops and presentations and each other companies in an informal networking event, Match Me!… Read more »

Nice, Turkey: Social, Smart Media Battle for News Narrative

As Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan took to Twitter on Friday, calling on people to take to the streets to show their support for his embattled government, the incisive role of social media in covering – and even influencing – dramatic unfolding events have never been stronger, or more polemical. As France picks up the… Read more »

Radiohead Listening Party in Istanbul Attacked by Islamists

A group of radical Islamists attacked a listening party in Istanbul where Radiohead was holding a listening party for fans in support of their new album. The men reportedly stormed the record store, Velvet Indieground, in Istanbul, Turkey, and used pipes to violently beat fans running away from the venue for drinking alcohol during the… Read more »

The most beautiful thing after wedding ceremony is honeymoon at Nirvana !!!!

Hi everyone I am Nirvana  ! Yes it is similar to Hotel’s name, what a luck:)I want to share our fascinating honeymoon in Nirvana Hotel with you. First of all no matter how funny are the preparations for wedding and home ,it is very tiring.For each detail we travelled kilometers not only mentally but also as body even if someone deservs a break,wedding time approaches quickly  ,there is no time for having a rest   Wedding dress fittings,hair style trials ,shoes,circlet ,henna night… Un avaoidaly someone wants to the wedding ceremony be end and go honeymoon  because of the several details

Do Yourself A Favour : Visit “Crystal Family”

Today, Crystal Family Resort & Spa ,the first hotel of Crystal Hotels Group,  is with you on blog…
Among the destinations located  on Mediterranean coast Belek-Boğazkent area has a unique breeze .With  the first day light Belek beaches ,sand and color of the sea are glittering.  Crystal Family, sea front,as the name implies, is a family hotel.If you search a hotel that you can stay with your family and you also want your demands of holiday  be supplied,it is the correct address.Here is a hotel with location,areas,advantage of  being close to sea and various of activities. When you are planning your

Crystal Hotels in IAAPA Europe Spring Forum Bulletin

Polin Waterpark Tour
A water park tour was undertaken at the end of the IAAPA Europe Spring Forum, organised by Polin, one of the leading water slide manufacturers worldwide. The tour began with a visit to its head office in Gebze, around 50 kilometres south of Istanbul, which only opened a few months ago. The Pakis family opened its factories and presented hypermodern water slide manufacturing including the patented “Magic Shine” secrets: different to the usual manufacturer of individual slide elements, at Polin a positive and a negative form is used, with the hardened glass fibre-plastic-mixture in between – the so-called

The # Route Drawn Millions Years Back From Nirvana

In this article we present a fantastic route that you can explore the nature .A guide who accompany you ,clothes that are suitable and comfortable for moving and the season not sweatening and the sneakers for trekking.
Energy-full aperitifs,alternative clothes,hat,rain-coat,flask,garbage bag,creme,if you have, the pills you take regularly or the painkiller,sticking plaster ,pocket knife and a torch should be in a back pack
Are you ready?
A route that you can follow the millions years story’s tarcks of Beydağları.

We have listened what there are in this route from bioengineer Çağlar İnce.
The route starts from the first tunnel enterance at Beldibi-Antalya 4 km far

There is not anything to complain about

Comments about 5-star Crystal Aura Beach Resort & Spa.
Tour operator: Biblio Globus
Dates of holiday: 3-16 May 2015
Good sides: O comfortable hotel surrounded by nature, close to Kemer’s city centre, great food, clean and renovated rooms, kids animation.
Bad sides: None.
A couple of days ago we got back from our great hotel and I’m in a rush to share my opinion with you. We went on our 2-week holiday from 3 to 16 May as 2 families and we had our 7 and 8-year-old children with us. Because we were travelling with children, we took a taxi from Antalya Airport to the

The way to the heart on holiday #Nirvana

Foods are utterly delicious and flavourous.
Hotel has a high quality for food&beverage and it is also good at it.
We gave a recipe book to the kitchen team and they prepared special recipes for our daughter.

I have chosen first three comments from the website,written comments  of  guests who experienced Nirvana Lagoon Villas Suites& Spa..While you are searching for holiday you also read the comments of the guests who spent holiday at that hotel ,don’t you?The guests who had a chance spending holiday at Nirvana left behind fantastic comments for kitchen team and presentations …
When it comes to my “In Holiday The